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Paula Peril Comics 19: A Comic Book for Fans of Mystery, Action and Romance

Paula Peril Comics 19: A Comic Book for Fans of Mystery, Action and Romance

If you are looking for a comic book series that combines mystery, action and romance, you should check out Paula Peril Comics 19. Paula Peril is a daring reporter who investigates crimes and mysteries in the city of Metrocity. Along the way, she faces danger, intrigue and romance with various characters.

Paula Peril Comics 19


Paula Peril Comics 19 is the latest issue of the series, and it features a full-length graphic novel adapted from the original screenplay by Paula Peril creator James Watson. The story is called The Secret Temple, and it is a direct sequel to the live action films The Serpent Cult and The Hidden City.

In The Secret Temple, Paula remains haunted by the mystery behind her mother's death. She suspects that the Mob is responsible, and she risks everything to expose their operations. However, she soon learns that a sinister and more ancient evil is growing in power. She must face her past and her destiny as she uncovers the secrets of the hidden temple.

The Secret Temple is a thrilling adventure that showcases Paula's courage, intelligence and charm. The artwork is stunning, with vivid colors and dynamic scenes. The comic book is illustrated by Leo Cordeiro, Nahuel Grego, Carlos Eduardo, Mohan Sivakami, and Wilson Ramos Jr.

Paula Peril Comics 19 is not only a great comic book for fans of the series, but also for new readers who want to discover Paula's world. You can order your copy online at, where you can also find more information about the series and the live action films.

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Paula Peril Comics 19, a comic book for fans of mystery, action and romance!

What Makes Paula Peril Comics 19 Unique?

Paula Peril Comics 19 is not just another comic book. It is a unique product that combines different media and formats to create a rich and immersive experience for the readers. Here are some of the features that make Paula Peril Comics 19 stand out:

  • It is based on a screenplay that was written for a live action film. This means that the story has a cinematic quality and a fast-paced plot that keeps you hooked.

  • It is a sequel to two live action films that were produced by Atlas Media Studios. The films, The Serpent Cult and The Hidden City, are available to watch online at You can enjoy the films and the comic book as part of a coherent and consistent storyline.

  • It is illustrated by talented artists who have worked on the Paula Peril series for years. They have a deep understanding of the characters, the settings and the style of the series. They bring Paula's world to life with stunning details and expressions.

  • It is part of a long-running comic book series that has been published since 2006. The series has a loyal fan base and a rich history of stories and adventures. You can find more issues of the series at, where you can also order printed copies or digital downloads.

Paula Peril Comics 19 is a unique comic book that offers you a lot of value and entertainment. It is a must-have for fans of mystery, action and romance!

Who Are the Characters in Paula Peril Comics 19?

Paula Peril Comics 19 features a cast of diverse and interesting characters, both old and new. Here are some of the main characters that you will meet in the comic book:

  • Paula Peril: The protagonist and narrator of the series. She is a fearless and curious reporter who works for the Daily Gazette. She has a knack for finding trouble and solving mysteries. She is also a skilled fighter and a loyal friend.

  • Veronica Vilancourt: The antagonist and rival of Paula. She is a wealthy and spoiled heiress who owns the Metrocity Museum. She has a secret agenda and a connection to the Serpent Cult, an ancient evil organization that seeks to unleash chaos in the world.

  • Memnon: The leader of the Serpent Cult and the main villain of The Secret Temple. He is a mysterious and powerful figure who claims to be the reincarnation of an ancient pharaoh. He has a personal vendetta against Paula and her family.

  • Candy: Paula's best friend and co-worker at the Daily Gazette. She is a cheerful and optimistic person who supports Paula in her adventures. She also has a crush on Carleoni, Paula's ex-boyfriend.

  • Carleoni: Paula's ex-boyfriend and former partner at the Daily Gazette. He is a brave and handsome reporter who has a history with Paula and Veronica. He is now working for a rival newspaper, but he still cares for Paula.

These are just some of the characters that you will encounter in Paula Peril Comics 19. You will also meet other allies and enemies of Paula, such as her boss Mr. Grant, her mentor Professor Jenkins, her informant Rudy, and more. Each character has their own personality, backstory and role in the story. b99f773239


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