Celtic Cross Spread with Clarification
Lady of the Unknown Oracle

Celtic Cross Spread with Clarification

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This BIG reading addresses ten (10) major elements in ONE (1) situation of your choosing:


(1) Current Energy

(2) Biggest block/obstacle

(3) The energy or mindset influencing the situation

(4) The reason why everything is happening

(5) Event of the recent past currently affecting your present energy

(6) What/who is coming into your immediate future

(7) How you see yourself

(8) What is in your environment (what is helping or hindering you)

(9) Your fear

(10) Most likely outcome


The purpose of this reading is to get a big-picture view of your current situation. This allows me to clarify your question in-depth while offering you yes/no answers to doubts, intuitive nudges, curiosities or other concerns surrounding your question.

This reading includes clarification of all ten (10) positions of the spread using a SECOND tarot deck.

Be mindful that I DO NOT address questions concerning HEALTH or TIMING.


🔮 What To Know about Personal Readings:

  • Readings will be done in the order in which they are received.
  • You will receive your reading as a pre-recorded video (no phone calls) in the email address you provide with your order.
    • Current wait time is 10 to 15 business days. Mini-readings tend to be delivered closer to 7-10 business days after being ordered. Emergency readings are delivered within 3 business days.
    • Refund will not be granted if the reading has already been recorded and is being prepared for delivery.

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